July 03, 2014


     I have always thought of a better way to define Evangelism, until Jesus opened my understanding into the Four Gospels. From thence I have defined Evangelism as the ability of a Christian to obey the Great Commission, which is going everywhere to make disciples for Jesus Christ.
    The importance of Evangelism cannot be underestimated. Every Believer in Christ is obliged to obey this Great Commission; to preach in homes, on the streets, in classrooms, in the buses, and wherever people are. To inspire you to obey Christ’s command I will give twelve reasons why Evangelism is important. Here we go;
  1. Jesus commanded it (Matt. 16:15) 
  2. The apostles also commanded it (2 Tim. 4:2,5) 
  3. Through evangelism many people would be encouraged; because the gospel is the Good News 
  4. Evangelism is an opportunity to work directly with (and for) God (Lk. 10:2) 
  5. It precedes baptism and salvation (Mk. 16:16) 
  6. It proves our love for our Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ (Jn. 15:12-14) 
  7. Evangelism opens the door for healing to take place (Luke 10:9) 
  8. It is the gateway of repentance and remission of sins (Lk. 24:47) 
  9. Brings understanding of Scriptures unto humanity (Acts 8:30) 
  10. Evangelism causes the Holy Ghost to move (Acts 10:44) 
  11. It is a fruit of righteousness (Pro. 11:30) 
  12. Evangelism unites all nations, races, tribes and cultures by reconciling all humanity to God through Christ.

Evangelism is actually the work Jesus would do if He had not ascended into the Heaven. Our Saviour, and Lord has put His Holy Spirit in us to live His life here on earth and thus to draw many into the Kingdom of heaven. I encourage by the all-abounding love of Christ to fully engage yourself in the work of evangelism.

Below is a powerful sermon - Witnessing (The Real Evangelistic Work)

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