"But he that is married careth for the things that are of the world, how he may please his wife." (1 Cor. 7:33, KJV) The Apostle Paul reveals the truth of marriage, especially on the side of the man. As a man when you marry, you naturally seek to please your wife. It is okay to seek to please your wife, for without pleasing her will exist no harmony of the holy matrimony. It is imperative to marry a woman of whom pleasing wouldn't drain all the life in you.

To be able to please your wife to the glory of God,
  1. You should not marry a contentious woman lest you become a kick boxer
  2. You must not marry a foolish woman lest you curse God
  3. You should not marry a jealous woman lest you make an enemy of yourself
  4. You should not marry a woman who "knows her rights" lest you suffer the peril of divorce
  5. You should not marry a quarrelsome woman lest you become a professional dispute settler
  6. You ought not marry an insubordinate woman lest you develop a nasty temper
  7. You should not marry a nagging woman lest you die of high blood pressure
  8. You should not marry a gossip lest you loose your dignity
  9. You must not marry an over-possessive woman lest you become a captive
  10. You should not marry a disrespectful woman lest you loose your respect
BONUS:  Be open-minded and wide-eye-opened to choose the correct woman, and be not fooled to claim "I've fallen in love and she'll change after marriage". No such thing exists! No one changes after marriage. Be wise!
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