The modern day Christians have a funny definition of worship, limiting it to the period where they sing songs of praise unto the Most High God, the King of kings and Lord of lords. But I know that worship entails much more than that, for I do not believe, rather, I know that my Lord, the God I serve is not a simpleton to have given a code for worship (Jn. 4:23-24) – Worship in Spirit and in Truth.
It is not for selfish reasons that the Lord gave this code. Yes! Many people believe or have the notion that God is selfish, but I have news for you, The Lord, God almighty had man in mind when He brought about worship. Yes! The Lord had you in mind. Do not be surprised, for I tell you the truth, worship is for you! Though we worship The Lord, worship is actually for us.
Why do I say this? Ecclesiastes 5:1-2 “…Keep thy foot when thou goest to the house of God…Be not rash with thy mouth, and let not thine heart be hasty…” The going into the house of God is a “When” affair not an “if” business.
God actually expects us to go into His house to worship Him. It is imperative that we go to the house of God, but when we go what and what we should do or not do is that which the writers points to us. In Judges 2:10-13, it is written, “...And there arose another generation after them which knew not The Lord…did evil in the sight of The Lord…” The Lord made worship, so that His children will not go astray and do evil in His sight. God seeks a personal relationship with His children. Worship is not just an act of singing and crying but a proper position to commune with God. In that we build a personal relationship with Him.
Christians are often in a hurry to utter words to The Lord trying to “romance” God, but it must be done in Spirit and in Truth. We are fond of making the mistake of Peter, trying to reach the Lord in the middle of the sea instead of allowing Him to come to us. No wonder we sink easily. Indeed worship is for us. It gives us the merit of fellowshiping with God. This is our merit – to be clothed with glory by experiencing splendour in worship. Just like in the Garden of Eden, God wants to walk unto us in the cool of the day. Pure worship, so beautiful as to hear the sound of God is the worship God desires. This boils down to (Jn. 4:23-24) “…Worship Him in Spirit and in truth…”, the code of worship (as I like to call it).

God is not a liar neither does He lie, therefore He has to deal with true people. Modern day Christians do not actually worship Him in truth. Every aspect of your life has to reflect that worship. If I only put my all in glorifying The Lord during that 15 to 30 minutes of “worship” in church, then does not that make me a mere liar? For outside that period, I do not actually think of God, making that moment of worship pretense. The funny thing is that, we actually enjoy that moment of “worship”, so why can’t we make that moment of worship last for a lifetime? Let your every being and every deed, worship The Lord, then you can say you worship God in truth.

God communicates to man through his spirit. That is why it is essential to worship God in Spirit. During this period of worship, God reveals Himself to man so that man comes to understand God better so as to strengthen the bond for their walk together to become more beautiful and efficient. Note that, the Spirit of The Lord is supposed to take man into all truth; truths about God, about Life, about the world and so on. This makes us understand purpose and thereby gives us a vision and a mission. God made worship for us so that we will be able to walk with Him.

[Written by Emmanuel Grant-Brew]

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