"So shall the king greatly desire thy beauty: for he is thy Lord; and worship thou him." (Psa. 45:11, KJV)
If indeed God is your LORD, the Psalmist under inspiration says, WORSHIP THOU HIM. Man has been made to worship and for that matter it is obligatory to worship God alone.

Here we go;

1. Admiration: We can admire without worshiping but we cannot worship without admiring.
2. Fascination: We worship that which fascinates us. That is, worship something or someone which inspires eternal amazement and awe.
3. Love: It is hypocrisy to worship who you do not love. Genuine worship evolves from love.
4. Honour: Honour should be given to one who deserves it.
5. Reverential fear: Without respectfully fearing your object of worship familiarity shall surely hinder your worship.
6. Magnificence: You worship that which is greater and more glorious than you. It is erroneous to worship that which you exceed in brilliance and intelligence.
7. Revelation: It is very wise to have in-depth knowledge of that which you have chosen to worship .
BONUS: Worship is very crucial, therefore, gain Christ, for without Him being the Who you worship you are destined for eternal disappointment. Christ alone deserves worship
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