"...if a girl gets married in times like these, it is no sin. However, marriage will bring extra problems that I wish you didn't have to face right now." (1 Cor 7:28, TLB) Incredible! The truth has been well spoken. Marriage comes with troubles, yet it is not a sin. It is of utmost importance that as a woman you choose right who you agree to spend life with. Nevertheless, prepare for worldly tribulation.

I want to help you choose who you wish to agree to so you can cut down your tribulation. Here we go,
  1. You should not marry a stingy man lest you die of malnutrition and also become outdated
  2. You should not marry a foolish man lest you incur the wrath of the noble and society at large
  3. You should not marry a braggadocio lest you live, move and have your being in continuous disgrace
  4. You must not marry a man on drugs lest you suffer adult abuse
  5. You ought not marry an alcoholic lest you dwell in shame, without any integrity
  6. You should not marry a lazy man lest you live in the streets
  7. You must not marry a man who stays with his parents lest you die of hypertension
  8. You should not marry a habitual borrower lest you be used for a mortgage
  9. You should not marry a liar lest you develop the attitude of nagging
  10. You should not marry a corrupt man
BONUS: Marriage is not all about walking the streets with arms around each other and hugging, kissing, it goes beyond that. Prepare yourself now, and you will definitely know who to say YES to.
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  1. i agree with u totally God bless u.

  2. I agree, but I need bible verse for my facebook friends to believe it. Please Post bible verses to affirm. This should go for the world to see and read. :-)


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