For the past centuries, and even in the immediate past decades women have been seen to be some kind of nonentities, people who don't really matter but this notion is highly devilish. They are as important as men. Many people expect their wives to be puppets for their pleasure but this too is from Satan. Women ought to be loved, respected and cared for. They are a part of man. Nonetheless, it is also satanic for a woman to rub shoulders with a man, for the the Scripture is explicit on the fact that man is the glory of woman. 

Here we go,
  1. Women/wives are not slaves
  2. Women/wives are not washing machines
  3. Women/wives are not sex machines
  4. Women/wives are not punching bags
  5. Women/wives are not baby-making machines
  6. Women/wives are not lesser entities to the men
  7. Women/wives are not witches
BONUS: God made women too in His image, it is not only man that is in the image of God. Women are as relevant as men. Esteem every woman highly and be subject to them out of reverence for Christ.
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